Ryan Kelker

I'm a flexible and creative software engineer with extensive experience learning new languages, systems, and thinking patterns. It's not about the money with me. I do this all night and day, so feel free to contact me. I'll be doing this either way.

Website - http://runexec.github.com
Coderwall - http://coderwall.com/runexec
Smarter - http://smarterer.com/ryankelker

"I think you've been doing great, totally kick ass and we really appreciate the feedback you've been providing." - Bashir Eghbali - Coderwall.com Dev Team

Technical Skills

Like: clojure, php, couchdb, security-roles, backend
Dislike: redis, perl, visual-studio, windows, c#


October 2012 - Current Software Engineer, System Administrator progamingtours.net via E-lance.com

Programmatically retrieve statistical data from LoL videogame
using PHP, Java, Clojure, MySql, and CentOS
Programmatically retrieve statistical data from DOTA2 videogame
using Clojure, MySql, and CentOS
Programmatically retrieve statistical data from StarCraft2 videogame
using Clojure, MySql, and CentOS
Install and configure backend components

October 2012 - October 2012 Full-stack Developer dhaliwalservices.com via Odesk.com

Developing REST API
Developing front-end and back-end with Clojure, Javascript, Html5, JQuery, MySQL, Php and Hiccup.
Adding features to existing projects
Porting features to new projects

April 2012 - July 2012 Software Developer Chatsubo LLC

Developed an Apache style Awstats compatable middleware for Noir webserver
Translated credit card proccessing from SBCL to Clojure Lisp
Responsible for code cleanup, documentation, and creating database migration utilities
Created frontend and backend unit tests using JQuery, JUnit, Clojure, and Leiningen-unit
Developed Redis key­value store format conversion utilities
Developed Trac XML­RPC backend to integrate customer support into the project management system

January 2011 - July 2012 Software Developer, System Administrator, Database Administrator Allied Telesis Communications

Developed remote administration utilities
Implemented frontend and backend automation programmatically
Built DVB­S/S2 HD Satellite receiver system from the ground up
Integrated a network analysis system with MACC­V billing system
Integrated a website with Sphere 6 phone system
Redesigned internal and external website (C#/ASP.net)
Designed, developed, and maintained network statistics software using Python and Java
Setup a Linux based IPTV head­end converting Japanese and European Standards to American HD Standards
Developed an automatic bootstrapping utility for modems
Responsible for configuring and maintaining Linux/Unix systems and SQL databases
Troubleshoot and resolve daily hardware and software issues

August 2010 - January 2011 Computer Repair Technician Datos PC Repair

Performed diagnoses and repaired non-standard machines (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Cellphone etc..)
Performed diagnoses and repaired both software and hardware issues (approx 25+ issues per week)
Responsible for monetary transactions and administrative duties, such as schedule management
Interacted with customers on daily basis, such as technical support, and information assistance
Developed a SOHO for G4S Secure Solutions Japan K.K.

November 2009 - December 2009 Security Consultant, Software Developer USOF Earth Video Game via odesk.com

Found, exploited, and developed patches for both frontend and backend vulnerabilities
Developed anti­-cheating control systems with PHP and Javascript
Developed game cheating tools with Perl and PHP
Developed in-game cheating tools with Javascript
Developed resource ranking gaming utilities.


2008 (In Progress - 36 hours) B.S. Cyber Security University of Maryland Asia (UMUC Asia)


2011 CCENT (CISCO ID: CSCO12027143)
2010 Security+ (Comptia Career ID: COMP001020158309)
2010 Network+ (Comptia Career ID: COMP001020158309)
2010 Comptia A+ (Comptia Career ID: COMP001020158309)

Projects & Interests

October 2012 - November 2012 GitHub - runexec.github.com https://github.com/runexec/runexec.github.com

March 2012 - September 2012 GitHub - Monorail.js https://github.com/runexec/Monorail.js

Ultra lightweight MVC framework for Node.js

Lead developer

March 2012 GitHub - Movie-point https://github.com/runexec/Movie-point

Movie finder via relational ranking to seperate the good from the bad.

Coderwall.com : Establishing Geek Cred http://www.coderwall.com/
javascript, http

Developed account stealing exploit. - Fixed by Bashir
Developed team invite exploit - Fixed by Bashir
Reversed & Cracked team invite algo mechanizm - Fixed by Bashir
Developed exploit to vote from other users accounts. - Fixed by Bashir
Developed vote cheating exploit via css + js. - Fixed by Bashir
Developed follower/ing exploit via markdown manipulation - Fixed by Bashir

iFLYER.tv (アイフライヤー) http://iflyer.tv/
php, javascript, html

Developed hidden voting (+1) exploit via img tags - Fixed by Malek
Developed exploit to change account settings via img tags - Fixed by Malek
Developed exploit to add items to personal storage via img tags - Fixed by Malek
Discovered a way to bypass file size limits in personal storage - Fixed by Malek
Discovered php, html, and js injection points in admin sections - Fixed by Malek